Token Class Action
Token Class Action è la divisione di Lexia Avvocati specializzata nel prestare assistenza a investitori italiani ed esteri che intendono promuovere Class Action o altre azioni risarcitorie nei confronti dei soggetti che svolgono attività di emissione, offerta, custodia e intermediazione di criptovalute e token (ad es. exchange, wallet, emittenti di ICO, IEO ed STO) in violazione della disciplina di legge e regolamentare italiana e comunitaria.

Lexia to assist investors in a lawsuit against Binance to recover damages suffered on “Binance Futures”

The law firm Lexia, in collaboration with the Swiss Blockchain Consortium, has been engaged by a group of Italian and international investors to to recover damages suffered by such investors on “Binance Futures” platform.

At a glance
  • Claimant: Italian and international investors
  • Defendant: Binance
  • The platform has offered derivate financial instruments (futures) without being licenced by the competent authority
  • Lack of information to the investors
  • Anomalies in the functioning of the trading platform
  • Breach of the rules of conduct vis à vis the investors
Legal Action ICO Friendz
Pending Legal Actions

Some Italian investors required legal assistance to Lexia Avvocati to file an action for damages in relation to the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) made by the Italian company Friendz S.r.l. and the Swiss company Friendz S.A. during the 2018, through which the companies have collected more than € 24 million.

Lexia Avvocati has been engaged by a group of Italian investors to take a legal action for damages in relation to the alleged unlawful public offer of “financial products” under Italian laws, the “financial products” were tokens called “Friendz Coin” (FDZ). The Italian company Friendz S.r.l. and the Swiss company Friendz S.A. have jointly created and promoted the ICO and the Token FDZ. Friendz Coin public offer last from 1 March 2018 to 21 March 2018.

At a glance
  • Founder of the ICO: Friendz S.r.l. and Friendz S.A.
  • Token name: FDZ
  • Token sale date: 1 March– 21 March 2018
  • Investment collected: more than 24 million of Euro
  • Price value loss: more than 94%
  • The issuer did not fulfill the obliegations set out on the White Paper
  • Lack of information given to investors after the ICO